Syntes MDM

Modern digital solution for brands, distributors and manufacturers managing international omnichannel business, marketplaces sales and D2C channels.

Try Syntes MDM and get full control over your data of any formats, sources and purposes.

Data is Your Main Asset

Data is a Main Asset



Get and use only applications you really need

For Product Information Managment

For Omnichannel

For Customer Data Managment

Get and use only applications you really need

Power of digital

All your product and sales information
in one place: fast, simply, effective

Process automatization reduces costs
You get your product to market faster than your competitors
You can reach more sales channels and use it more effectively

Use the competitive edge of data science

Our goal is to help your business to be successful

And we can do this with more than 20 years experience in IT development and e-commerce

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Are you ready to harness big data for your supremacy?

It is simple! We will provide you not only with software but also with support, consulting, planning, and, if you need this, complete outsourcing of your D2C sales and fulfillment